Mesures Corona au sein du cabinet

On our end, we have strengthened our existing hygiene measures . we have therefore redefined our practice thanks to specific equipment and adapted protocols.

Specific equipment to fight against the spread of covid 19 and to ensure you safe consultations :

  • air sterilization device is installed in each dental office. (Steril Air)
  • an extra-oral suction system will be used to minimize the projection of micro-droplets during treatment
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) different for each patient. a PPE is made up of a smock, a hat, protective goggles, a face shield and 2 masks (one FFP2 and one surgical) and of course, our usual gloves.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available in each room
  • Plexiglass screen located in the office.

Your children will see us disguised as cosmonauts;  Warn them in advance so they are not surprised by our appearance. Below is a photo to show them how we look while treating them. We were careful choosing colorful and childish fabrics to limit the stressful aspect of our outfit.

The emergence of the Covid-19 virus requires taking additional hygiene and aseptic measures to those  already applied in our dental office.

Resuming our activity will therefore be gradual over the coming weeks and months and will impose longer delays between consultations (disinfection and ventilation of the dental office), but know that we will do everything we can to meet your expectations  following  the new protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

Protocols adapted according to the type of care required :

  • Appointments that do not produce aerosol (no drilling, no scaling or extraction).
    These are check-up appointments = dental exam and possible x-rays.
  • Appointments producing aerosols (dental treatment, scaling, sealants, extraction).

We will therefore no longer be able to perform a dental cleaning or a treatment of a carie while doing the dental check-up.

It is important to notify us when making a rendez-vous if your child is complaining of pain or if a technical act is needed. Nowadays and in these circumstances, approaching a treatment compared to a check-up appointment  imply two different patient management and disinfection protocols of the dental office.

Course of your

The emergence of the Covid-19 virus requires taking additional hygiene and aseptic measures to those  already applicable in our dental office. Everyone’s safety is a team effort and we count on your full cooperation.

  1. Before you come to the clinic, we ask you to notify us as soon as possible:
    1. In case of symptoms such as cough and / or rhinitis and / or fever (over 37.5 ° C)
    2. If you have been in contact with a person diagnosed Covid + during the past 14 days.
    3. In that case, your appointment will be postponed.
  2. Brush your child’s teeth at home and take his temperature before coming to our clinic.
  3. During your visit to the clinic, we invite you to:
    1. Be punctual (neither too early, nor late, latecomers cannot be admitted)
    2. Come alone with your child, (child is accompanied with max 1 person)
    3. Wear a mask (as well as your child)
    4. Respect the rules of social distancing at all times
    5. Touch as little surface as possible (door handles, …). The furniture in the waiting room has been reduced to limit the risk of contamination.
    6. Note that the toilets will not be accessible.
  4. Upon arrival, we will ask the patient:
    1. To wash his hands and face ; to have an oral Isobetadine mouthwash before treatment. (Please notify us in advance if your child is allergic to iodine!)
    2. The adult accompanying the child will have to wait outside of the dental treatment room.
    3. Disinfection of hands with hydroalcoholic gel when leaving the treatment room.
  5. Payment is done  by Credit Card (no visa or MasterCard) or exclusively via a bank application. Limit the time spent at the front office as much as possible.