Dental care for your children

In our dental office, we offer quality care
for your children from 0 to 12 years old.

We use advanced equipment adapted for kids to provide a zero pain approach. Our team of dentists carries out general dental care, as well as oral hygiene care and attaches great importance to prevention. Providing quality care without fear and pain, encouraging good habits and offering a positive experience at the dentist are what our team values the most!

General dental care


If the dental exam reveals the presence of a decay, the dentist cleans the dental cavity and then restores the tooth with a last generation bisphenol free resin composite.


When a carie has settled deeply and reaches the tooth pulp, the dentist proceeds with a partial or total devitalization of the deciduous  tooth. This process aims to eliminate the infection, while maintaining the temporary tooth on the dental arch as long as possible.


When a tooth is fissured or fractured as a result of a trauma or a problematic dental occlusion, the dentist performs a restoration. In some cases, a crown is used to stabilize the tooth. The extraction is considered only in case of an extremely severe fracture.

Preventive and aesthetic dental care


As soon as the permanent tooth comes through around the age of 7, the dentist lays a protective varnish that will seal the healthy tooth fissures, creating a smooth surface that is easy to clean and therefore prevents tooth decay.


To conceal a discoloration, a stain, an enamel malformation or to improve the appearance of a tooth damaged after a traumatic incident, the dentist proceeds with an esthetic reconstruction or camouflage with a resin composite. This technique ensures a natural and durable esthetic and functional result.

Advanced technologies


X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for  any dental care treatment plan. The clinic is equipped with a digital last generation radiographic device, adapted especially for kids. While taking the X-rays, the children have a lead body apron on to protect them from any stray radiation.


General anesthesia is recommended for young, stressed, phobic or uncooperative   children. This is a predilection method when caring for  a child with a  disability (trisomy, autism, mental disability, etc.) or with a complex dental treatment plan. General anesthesia is performed in a one day clinic, at the Hospital of Braine-L’Alleud or Ixelles (IRIS).


Our practice is equipped with an electronic dental anesthesia system, the QuickSleeper. This tool facilitates children’s anesthesia and ensures an optimal and more efficient effect, while decreasing numbness and its duration (1 hour only). A real revolution in the world of dental anesthesia!

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