Check-up Visit

To maintain the oral health of your child, it is recommended to make an appointment with the dentist once a year, between the age of 2 and 3. This preventive exam makes it possible to control the teeth and to maintain them in a good health!

The first dental visit of your child on video

«Teddies» to assist us …

To make the visit as comfortable as possible for your child, it is important to approach it in a positive and reassuring way. During the exam, your child will be in the company of our comforters Caramel, Igor or Laura that allow us to show the manipulations we will perform before making them in his mouth. We can also suggest to his older brothers and / or sisters to explain the visit!

Little advice, do not let your own fears show because your child will notice it!

The progress of the dental visit

Step 1: Dental Observation

The dentist examines your child’s mouth to detect the presence of caries on the visible surfaces of the teeth. This observation allows him to evaluate the oral health of his patient and to suggest a dental treatment if necessary.

Étape 2 : Step 2: X-ray (if necessary)

Depending on the results of the visual analysis, the dentist judges whether an X-ray of your child’s teeth is recommended. This examines the presence of interdental caries and infection sites. It also offers the possibility of checking whether the permanent teeth are correctly positioned.

Step 3: Occlusion Control

Occlusion defines the relationship of the teeth to one another when the jaws are closed. Its observation in the mouth of your child can verify the alignment of the teeth and the arrangement between the upper and lower jaws. If your child has a malocclusion, the dentist will advise you on a proper orthodontic treatment.

Step 4: Cleaning the teeth

The dentist checks your child’s oral hygiene and cleans the teeth if necessary. To do this, he uses an electric toothbrush, a polishing paste and a scaler. This treatment comes in addition to a regular and well done toothbrushing. Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to the dentist on how to teach your children to brush their teeth!

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