A zero pain approach

Our dental practice has recognized expertise and state of the art equipment to ensure stress free and pain free care for your child.
All our techniques for a successful anesthesia

Depending on the needs of your child, we use the most appropriate method of anesthesia so that the care provided takes place in a comfortable and serene environment. Using the latest technologies, we treat all our patients without pain or stress.

Transcortical Anesthesia (QuickSleeper)

In order to achieve painless and stress free local anesthesia for the child, we use the technique of transcortical anesthesia. Developed in the form of a pen, this electronic syringe called QuickSleeper has several advantages in our pediatric daily practice.

Visually, it does not cause fear because it does not resemble the shape of a needle. Thanks to its electronically assisted injection system, it reduces the dose of sedative product diffused into the mouth and allows an immediate and short-term anesthesia. In addition, this method avoids the feeling of pinching and causes no numbness of soft tissue, therefore reduces the risk of the lip bite and discomfort for the child.

Conscious sedation with MEOPA

MEOPA (Equimolar Mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen Protoxide) is a gas mixture. When inhaled by the patient, it leads to a state of complete relaxation during dental care thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties on the brain. This gas is intended to facilitate dental treatments for anxious or phobic patients.

In Belgium, this type of sedation is performed only in hospitals and has already enabled many patients to overcome their fear of dental treatments. Our practice collaborates with the University Hospital of Saint-Luc located in Brussels for this type of care.

General anesthesia

For children needing many treatments, or who are very stressed, or too young to be cooperative or have a disability, general anesthesia is recommended to perform optimum dental treatments.

We advocate this method when the dental treatment plan is too complex for the child or if his anxiety does not allow him to endure treatments in a classic way. With General anesthesia, the dentist can rehabilitate the entire mouth at once and protect your child from his own anxieties.

We perform these treatments in a one day clinic at the Braine-l’Alleud hospital or in IRIS hospitals.

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