Dental Emergency

Your child had an accident involving a tooth? Or he complains of a sharp oral pain ? Do the right thing, call your dentist for an urgent appointment.
Dental injury

It is important to immediately have the right care if your child fell on his temporary or permanent tooth. If the temporary tooth is avulsed, never try to replant it due to the risk of damaging the permanent tooth germ. Follow our recommendations:

  • Disinfect the gum around the tooth by brushing the affected area with a cotton swab soaked in a mouthwash (Corsodyl, Hextril, PerioAid)
  • Give him an anti-inflammatory to relieve the pain and to limit the swelling of the lip (ibuprofen, Arnica)
  • Prevent him from biting or thumb sucking or using the pacifier on the traumatic tooth.
  • Brush the  tooth smoothly to remove all the accumulating bacterias from the dental  plaque.
  • Call your dentist for an urgent appointment.
Fracture or expulsion of a permanent tooth

Does your child have a bleeding, displaced or partially avulsed permanent tooth ? Fractures or accidental losses of a permanent tooth are a common dental injury and require a very quick treatment. You must call the dentist for an urgent appointment.

Follow our recommendations:

  • Stay calm and do not show your concern to your child
  • Recover the tooth or the broken piece of the tooth. If the tooth is avulsed, pick it up  by the crown and avoid touching the root.
  • Never try to replant it yourself or to clean it.
  • Keep the tooth in a suitable storage medium such as  saline solution, milk or water.
  • Seek emergency dental treatment immediately.
  • If the tooth has completely fallen out of its socket , the time factor is crucial. An immediate treatment increases the chances of a good healing.
If dental clinic is closed :

In case of emergency outside office hours, please contact : 

  • Dental care service :  02/375.70.27
  • Emergency department of Saint-Luc Hospital : 02/764.11.11 – Avenue Hippocrate 10, 1200 Bruxelles

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